Record your moments as NFTs.
Build a monument of your journey.

by investing in their moments.

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Creating Monument ✨

I'm doing a 'human IPO' when I turn 18 through a $SIGIL Token Rocket - Streaming my life as I build @BitSwapNetwork from Silicon Valley - Use my token to engage & control my life - Like a Web 3.0 @justinkan
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Building Bitswap in my bedroom

@BitSwap being built from my room w/ @aryanm @uyxela and @venkat (2021 Colourized 🇨🇦)
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BitSwap Whitepaper: Solving BitClout's Liquidity Problem

After a week straight reading papers on liquidity protocols and DEX architecture, the BitSwap Whitepaper debuts on 4/20.
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Chronicle Your Journey, Build Your Monument.

A monument is a collection of significant moments within a creator's journey. Each moment is represented by a collectible NFT that can be bought and owned by a creator's closest supporters.

Creators share their stories through minting new moments, financially enabling them to pursue their dreams.

Owning moments unlocks unique creator rewards & incentives and signifies you as an early backer/supporter of the creator.

Exclusive content, decision power over the creator's life, early access to drops, 1:1's & more


Economic Freedom for Creators.

Building a world where talent is worth as much as capital or fame. Everyone has their own story. Buying moments and their token is like buying the latest chapter in a book as it is being written.


Discoverability of Dark Talent

Nowadays, anyone can learn anything on the internet and prove their abilities. Monument brings discoverability to high potential creators, and connects them with angels, NFT collectors, and superfans.


Unlocking Potential through NFTs

People want to be seen as early backers or supporters of talent. Moments financially support creators, while getting buyers recognition that enable them to participate in the creator's journey.


Positive-Sum Creator Economies

Moments and Creator Tokens are a form of social equity within an individual. If the creator succeeds so do their supporters. It's in everyone's interest to help each other, as they have a stake in their success.

Start minting your journey